Mélanie Wenger is a documentary photographer represented by Cosmos agency based in Brussels. Graduate in Litterature and a Master's degree of journalism, she chose to tell stories about human beings, heros of the ordinary, to reveal their depth through the permanent immediacy of the photography. Without forgetting the harshness that makes them so unique.

In 2011, she starts to work on the serie ' Wasted Young Libya ' which will take her three years.
Between 2014 and 2016, she focuses on migrations between Libya, Malta and Belgium, for the serie ' Lost in migration '. She will also spend 6 months in the psychiatric asylum seeker's center CARDA in Bierset. In parallel she works on ivory trafficking and poaching in Africa and follows anti-poaching teams, poachers, trackers and hunters in the forest and the bush in Cameroon and Zimbabwe.

Since 2014, she has been developping a long-term documentary serie in the intimacy of an elderly isolated person in Brittany: ' Marie-Claude, the dolls' lady '. She is the 2017 laureate of the HSBC Prize.